It is important to diligently adhere to the guidelines against this new strain of coronavirus recognized as SARS-CoV-2 because this is not like the other types of coronavirus even the one that it’s closely similar to—SARS-CoV. Continuous medical researches precisely show why we need to keep ourselves and others from acquiring this viral infection. If you want to know how this virus can create more issues compared to other viruses, keep on reading below: 

You may get unwell rapidly 

This virus can possibly make you sicker much earlier. The number of viruses you have or your viral loads was highest ten days after the signs and symptoms started for SARS COV-1. To compare, the doctors in China tested 82 individuals who have COVID-19 and discovered that their viral load usually increased 5-6 days after the symptoms started. So, the SARS-CoV-2 virus can surely spread and multiple in somebody who has obtained the disease of COVID-19 nearly twice as fast compared to other infections of coronavirus.  

It has a longer incubation time 

This coronavirus strand can possibly have a longer incubation time. Meaning, the time between developing any symptoms and acquiring the infection is longer compared to some strands of coronavirus. In fact, it’s already recognized that this virus has an incubation period of 12-14 days. Meaning, someone who has the virus has possibly got in contact with a lot of people even before the symptoms emerge and got visible.  

You can still pass the virus 

You can pass on or transmit this coronavirus even before you get any signs and symptoms. To compare, SARS-CoV just became infectious days after symptoms started. This just implies that people who had the infection were aware that they are ill and were able to prevent the transmission to happen.  

You can possibly not have symptoms  

Even if you don’t feel any single symptoms at all, you can still actually have or carry this viral infection. Meaning, you can transmit this infection to weaker individuals who may have been extremely ill without even knowing it.  

It can possibly travel through your body more rapidly 

The COVID-19 can possibly traverse through your body way rapidly compared to some viruses. In fact, data from China seen that individuals who have COVID-19 have the virus in their throat and nose only one day after the symptoms start.  

Your mouth and nose are more prone 

A recent report has shown that the COVI-19 now tends to move into your nose more than in your throat and some of your body parts. Meaning, you can usually cough, breathe, or sneeze or breathe COVID-19 out into the air all over you. This is where the importance of wearing cloth face masks come to play. So, if you still don’t have some with you, make sure to purchase wholesale face masks today.  

After you read all of this, now is the time to start taking the safety measures against COVID-19 seriously. Do yourself and your community a favor and practice regular disinfecting, social distancing, and wear your masks always outdoors.