Tree service or tree care is the service given by tree service companies. This term is a broad and general term to refer to the service. In general, this is the process where technicians maintain the trees. They do this by inspecting it for pest control and disease diagnostic. This could also mean cutting, trimming, fertilizing, and any other things as long as it is about taking care of trees. Do you know that each service has its unique term? Let us know it now!  

Tree Trimming   

This is the most common service availed and the most popular term. Tree trimming is done to add light and maintain airflow by shortening the tree’s limbs and twigs. This could also be done by removing dead and diseased branches to promote new growth, healthier branches, and reduced obstructions.   

Tree Pruning  

This is in demand as trimming. Tree service technicians remove a certain part of a plant like its branch, roots or buds to shape the tree. Pruning as horticultural practice control or redirects the growth of the plant without hurting it. This is also done when you want to transplant a specific plant from the nursery to the natural soil. Pruning is also done to improve the harvest and yield of fruits and flowers.   

Tree Topping  

This process is done to control the overgrowth of a tree. This is done by removing its top branches. Overgrowing trees are prone to wind damage because of their height. This is a necessary measure if you live in single attach housing because the neighborhood is too close to each other. In tree topping, tree service technicians make sure that the shaping is still maintained so that the tree will still look attractive.   

Tree or Branch Thinning  

This is just like pruning but this is specifically done in tree branches. This process involves the selective removal of interior growth. Interior branches are removed to reduce the tree’s weight so that breeze flow would be easy passing through the tree.   

Tree Shaping  

This process is done solely for aesthetic purposes. Trees are shaped especially the crown. Foliage and branches are selective to make the tree look appealing with its desired shape.   

Tree Pollard  

This is a specific pruning system. Pollarding is the process of removing all green growth, upper branches, and foliage of a tree. This is done to give trees “hat rack” look and it also promotes dense growth in branches and foliage.   

Tree Spraying  

This is a pest control process where trees are sprayed with insecticides and fungicides. This can also be done to improve the tree’s fruit yielding capacity by spraying fertilizers.   

Dead Wooding  

This is a cleaning process. All dead or dying parts of the tree, like twigs, limbs, branches are removed to improve the growth of the tree by allowing new growth of the dead parts.   

Why should we familiarize ourselves with this? So that you can specifically request the right service your tree needs. This also saves your time and the tree Service Company’s time. Be familiar and continue taking care of your trees.