Membership dues--------------------------------------------$200.00

Membership is good for one (1) year.

Membership is avaliable by mail or at track.Contact treasurer for details.

Membership goes to driver not the car.

Non-member race dues(per event)(no points awarded)---------$50.00

1/8 mile ET------------------------------------------5.00-7.99

Full bodied car or truck of a type originally produced by an American automobile manufacturer.

Any manually shifted 4 or 5 speed transmission.

Lencos:Members with Lencos prior to July 1,1999 will be allowed to run them for the life of their membership.

No new Lencos or planetary transmissions will be allowed to join.

No one will be allowed to convert from 4 speed to Lenco or planetary transmissions.

No automatic conversions(ie:clutch turbos).

Any manually operated clutch set-up allowed.

No delay boxes,electronic clutch release mechanisms or ET killing devices.

No Nitrous Oxide.

Any car may be inspected at any time for illegal devices.

To receive points all members must display a Classic Gear Jammer decal on both sides of vehicle.

The points will be awarded to the driver who is a Classic Gear Jammer member.

Any member found to be illegal at any time may have to forfeit all points for the season.

Any driver or crew member using other than proper credentials may lose all points for the season.
5-----Points for entering & driving in an event.

15----Points for first round won

10----All Remaining Rounds won.

3-----Bonus points for a win.

2-----Bonus points for runner-up.

1-----Bonus point for Closest to Dial-in.
5-----Points per round won for Second Chance Race.

Points are non-transferable

Anyone having perfect attendence will receive a 50% discount on his or her next year's membership dues.

Anyone not signing in will not receive attendence points or any other points for that race.

Any member found illegal at any time may have to forfeit all points.

Any driver or crewmember using other than proper credentials may lose all points for season.

In the event of a tie in the points the tie will be broken as follows:
    (1)Most wins
    (2)Most runner-ups
    (3)Most semi-finals
    (4)Most quarter-finals
    (5)Most 16 car rounds
    (6)Most Closest to Dial-ins
    (7)Most races attended

Attendence points will be awarded to any member particpating in a event that is canceled after time runs in any class has begun(as long as member has signed in).

All drivers must display driver number registered with treasurer or no points will be awarded.

Any add-on or call-up races will not be points races unless scheduled 14 days in advance.

Change of venue requires no waiting period.

No points awarded to non-members paying $50.00 per event entry fees.Must be member to earn points

Any car number between 1 and 9999 that is not currently in use by a member is acceptable.

Contact the Race Director to see if the number of your choice is avaliable.

All cars will be called to the staging lanes,pairings will be done by the draw of cards.

Right lane will be designated RED CARD,left lane will be designated BLACK CARD,draw of the cards will decide whether it's side-by-side or back-to-back,each pairing.

High card gets lane choice.In case of two cards the same,first card drawn gets choice.

Bye run decided by Dash for Cash win,first avaliable until eliminated.Second Chance Race included.

In the event of a tie for bye run,the driver with best reaction time gets the bye.If still a tie a flip of the coin will determine bye.

Afterwards,cards will be drawn for the bye run.

Semi-final bye run will be high card drawn or the driver that has not had a bye run.

If all remaining drivers have received a bye run,HIGH CARD gets bye run and lane choice.


Closest to Dial-in will be made on last scheduled time run without breaking out.

Winner of Closest to Dial-in gets first avaliable bye run,until eliminated.

A red light does not disqualify a driver in Closest to Dial-in competition.

Any driver and/or pit crew found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs,regardless of the amount,will be banned from the event and shall be considered sufficent cause for suspension and/or revocation of their membership.

All members are asked to conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times,as not to bring embarrassment to themselves or the Classic Gear Jammers.

Each member agrees to familiarize themselves with all rules and regulations prior to competing at a Classic Gear Jammers event.

We race at the tracks request,not ours.

Any member acting in the Classic Gear Jammers behalf without authorization of the Executive Board will be subject to loss of points,suspension and/or termination of club membership.

All memberships are subject to review by the Executive Board.Any membership considered to be detrimental to the Classic Gear Jammers can be denied or terminated by the Executive Board.


All cars must pass safety inspecton before competing.

Lane choice shall be by draw of cards.HIGH CARD gets lane choice.

The announcer will call all competitors to staging lanes,only one call is required.

Five(5) minutes after first call,any competitor not appearing in staging lanes will be disqualified.

When the track is ready for the Gear Jammers,we go whether you are there or not.

Any run in which your competition breaks or no shows,you are required to make a pass down the track(either drive down or use as a time run,driver's choice).

Courtesy Staging:Due to the automatic tree being used at some tracks,no one will stage until both cars are pre-staged.This applies to all tracks.

In the event that your competition stages before you pre-stage and you enter pre-stage,it's considered you are accepting the early stage and are ready to race.

Any drinking and driving will result in immediate disqualification and loss of all points.

Once cars enter the burnout area,it's considered a race.

If a member is entered in one car and is defeated or breaks he/she may not switch to another car either to earn points or run in eliminations.

The car in which the driver makes his Closest to Dial-in run is considered his/her car in the event.

If a driver does not make a Closest to Dial-in run,his/her last time run prior to the Closest to Dial-in will be used to establish his/her car for the duration of the event.

The driver cannot switch to another car or allow another driver to drive his/her car in the event.

One car per driver----One driver per car.

The Classic Gear Jammers Tech Director has the authority to make any decision regarding the safe operation of the club during the race.

Any complaints regarding his decision must be given to an Executive Board Member IN WRITING to be reviewed and a decision rendered.

No one is to physically hold a race car in the bleach box.

Track officials decision on the race track are FINAL.

All new members that have not previously driven a Gear Jammer car are required to make their first two(2) passes down track solo,as to familiarlize themselves with car and track.

No derogatory remarks or art are to be displayed on cars that is an embarrassment to the club.Individual can be banned from the event at the discretion of the President and the Vice-President at the time of the said incident.

There will be no bickering with another driver,non-driver,Classic Gear Jammer Official,or track official.Any of the above violations can result in dismissal from the club upon review of the Executive Board.

Any driver that has broken any of the rules stated above will be faced with the disciplinary actions as follows:
     1st Offence-1 Race Suspension
     2nd Offence-$100 fine and a 2 race suspension
     3rd Offence-Banned for the rest of year.


All cars must comply with tech at the track at which event is being held.

All cars must meet IHRA Safety Requirements for ET they run.

The Classic Gear Jammers minimum requirements are also still in effect and are listed below:

    6 Point Roll Bar Minimum

    Front & Rear Drive Shaft Loops

    Blowproof Bellhousing(SFI Approved)

    5 Point Shoulder Harness

    Helmet(Snell 2000 or Newer)

    Harmonic Balancer Meeting SFI Spec 18.1

    Fire Jacket(SFI 3.2a/1)

    Fire Extinquisher

No nitrous oxide mechanism,including bottle brackets,plumbing,solenoids,or any other associated nitrous oxide parts permitted.

May be checked by Tech Director at any time.

Cars found illegal will be disqualified at that event losing all monies and points at that event and car is to be re-teched prior to the next event.

Any condition considered to be unsafe by the Tech Official will be adequate grounds for barring or withdrawing a vehicle from participation in any event,until the fault has been remedied to the satisfaction ot the Tech Official.


All race scheduling is to be handled by the Executive Board only.

All track requests for a race date are to be referred to the Executive Board.

Any add-on or call-up or rescheduled races will not be points races unless scheduled 14 days in advance

Scheduled race dates will not be changed except to accommodate the race track.

Attendence points will be awarded to any member participating at a race cancelled after time runs have started in any class.

It is the responsibility of each member to check in with the Race Director to make sure they are included on the attendence sheet.

In the event of a rainout after 1st round of eliminations have been completed,the points will be awarded for rounds won.

Any race cancelled or called off is official.

Rain-outs Prior to second round will be paid "As Earned".After second round we split the proceeds after expenses.
The Race Director or Board may waive,amend,or modify any rule in this book at any time for any single occurrence,or for any good cause. 
The Race Director's decision is final in all cases. 

Protests will be submitted to the Race Director at any time during a Classic Gear Jammer event.
All protest fees must be submitted with the protest or the protest will not be accepted.
Protested cars will be checked after being defeated or at the end of race.

The fees for the protest items are as follows:
     Nitrous Oxide check: $50.00
     Check for Clutch delay device: $50.00

The Race Director and/or Tech Director present at the event will have the authority to inspect any car,engine,or pit area at any time during the event without protest charge.
The time and place of the actual inspection will be determined by the Race Director or the Tech Director.
If protested vehicle is found to be illegal,all protest fees will be returned.
If vehicle is legal all money will be awarded to protested member.

Information or Questions??

Prize Money Per Race
Winner.................................$1000 + Contingency




1/8 Finals.............................$25

All money not paid out in eliminations will be put into the points fund.

Contingency decals must be on car to receive contingency payouts.(I.E.,Hank Thomas stickers must be on car for winner to receive 5 gallon fuel certificate)

To receive prize money ,all members must display a Classic Gear Jammer decal on both sides of vehicle.

Any member found illegal at any time during an event may have to forfeit any prize money won at the event.

Any forfeited prize money will be put in the points fund.

The payout for any increased purse will be announced prior to the event.Prize money will be paid to the driver of the car only.