The Classic Gear Jammers Inc. was formed in 1990. A time when the electronic gadgets were
just starting to overwhelm the sport of drag racing. The fans wanted to see old school style racing.
      We are a touring racing series, and in 2005 we raced twenty-two events at six different tracks in Southwest Virginia and North Carolina. The Classic Gear Jammers consist of all American classic, wheel standing, 4 & 5 speed ‘stick shift’ cars and trucks running a dial-in, break-out format.
       In 2005 there were fifty-eight members battling for the Classic Gear Jammers’ year end points’ championship.
 The competitors always present themselves in a professional manner and, to say the competition is tough would be an under statement. Due to Mother Nature; only fifteen of the twenty-two scheduled point’s races were contested through to the final round with twelve different winners! The points’ battle was no walk in the park either. At year’s end, a scant thirteen rounds worth of points separated the top ten! 

      In addition to the quality of players, Membership cost is just $200.00 for one calendar year and there is no entry fee for members to race. That’s not to shabby considering we are racing for a $1000 to win.

      The Classic Gear Jammers doesn’t operate under the ever so common but, not always popular buy back rule. However, we do offer a “Second Chance” race for first round losers only. It’s a race within a race and has its own separate payout structure. The fans love it! They get to see half of the field come back for a “Second Chance” to battle it out. 

       The rules are simple: No nitrous, no delay devices, no clutch-less or planetary transmissions, and only foot activated clutches allowed. When they go to the staging lanes, the pairing of cars is done by the draw of a deck of cards. There is no ganging up on anybody because the drivers have no idea who they will run next. Red right lane, Black left lane, and high card will get lane choice. This is the most level playing field in racing….PERIOD!

        Track promoters hire the Classic Gear Jammers Inc. to perform during their regularly 
 scheduled drag races. We increase spectator ticket sales ten-fold and more. The spectators come out to watch because all these cool old cars are racing like they did back in the ‘60s and ‘70s; Wheels in the air through first, second, and third gears along with the fierce competition. Even the racers in the other classes stop what they are doing and come to the fence to watch us run. Racers especially know how difficult these cars are to drive. It’s one spectacular show! 

          The 2005 tracks included:
 North Carolina: Farmington, Greensboro, Roxboro, and Wilkesboro, In Virginia: Elk Creek and Radford.
 2006 should see at least two additional tracks and a handful more race dates.

           The competition is fierce. You would expect a racing series to be tough when the top fifteen in points has over three-hundred years of 4-speed racing experience combined. 
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The Classic Gear Jammers,Inc.